Amiga Game Intros Vol. 8: Moonstone – A Hard Days Knight (Mindscape, 1991)

The intro of Moonstone is nothing special on a technical level, but I feel it’s simply one of the classics that has to be included here. After a long scroll from the moon over some gigantic trees all the way to ground level, we see a bunch of cloned druids gathering in Stonehenge. A knight joins the party and receives his blessing for the quest that is to follow. The pixelart is nothing special, a lot of monochrome palettes were employed to clearly seperate all the different elements like the robes, trees and rocks. The shading is very simple for the most part, and the ground and wood contain a little too much random noise for my likeing. Still, the game was pretty fun (although I never got very far.) Considering a lot of great games don’t have any intros at all, this one here makes Moonstone all the more enjoyable. (Video after the jump)

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