Amiga Game Intros Vol. 7: Liberation – Captive II (Byte Engineers, 1994)

This is probably one of the finest intros on the Amiga. Byte Engineers put together a very long sequence for this sci-fi RPG which shows our protagonist activating his team of droids and meeting with a fellow conspirator out in the countryside. The technical level of  the pixel art you will see is really top notch. One of the artists involved was Herman Serrano, who is one of my heroes when it comes to title screens. Check out his work on Exile or Wreckers for example. You can spot his signature in some of the scenes in this intro as well. The animation is often very minimal, as the artists apparently couldn’t be bothered with creating real rotations for objects, so it’s mostly just 2D sprites sliding around. But some of the animation is really well done in my opinion, for example the keypad that fades in and out of the desk or the slight fake camera rotations in the scene in the woods near the end. Oh, and the CD32 version here has full speech! Well, it’s not the best acting ever, but video game were never known to have great voice acting anyway. (Video after the jump)

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