Amiga Game Intros Vol. 2: Lionheart (Thalion, 1993)

Today’s intro is from the platform game Lionheart, Thalion’s last game for the Amiga. The intro opens up with a long scrolling picture, created by my favourite pixel artist Henk Nieborg. After this part comes the real surprise – the camera moves into a dungeon in pseudo 3D! I wonder if they were reusing any of the code for the impressive first person parts in Ambermoon, which was also released in 1993. Of course, it’s just a bunch of scaled sprites, but still, it’s an unusual effect I think. After our bare-chested hero grabs the armor (do you see any parallels to our previous entry?,) the intro switches to a side-view again and we see the in-game sprite getting onto his dragon friend. The remainder of the story is told in static pictures and text. Apart from the annoying pseudo-fantasy-orchestral music playing in the background, this is one of the most impressive intros that I know of on Amiga. I might be biased as a Nieborg fan, but I still think it holds up pretty well.


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