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The Dreaded Red Arrow

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Ok, this is the last one for now, I promise. Not that anyone cares anyway.

I have been thinking about the purpose of MS Paint. Yes, it’s nice to have a primitive way of quickly creating something graphical when there’s no “real” software installed. Yes, I know you can actually do awesome pixel art with Paint. Yes, I am aware of The Power of Paint. However I’m pretty sure that 97% of the time, MS Paint is used for one purpose and one purpose only: slapping crappy, waggly mouse-drawn lines in glaring 0xff0000 over photos, screenshots and maps, usually padded with gigantic JPEG artefacts. Most of the time, it’s an arrow.

Call me guilty as charged.

The Dreaded Red Arrow

PS: Yes it’s actually 0xff7e00, I know.