Amiga Game Intros Vol. 1: Wolfchild (Core Design, 1992)

I was always an admirer of intros on games in general, and Amiga games in particular. It was very impressive back in the day to see some pseudo-full screen animation in a computer game. You also have to take in account that floppy space was sparse, and not many developers allowed themselves the luxury of having an extensive introduction sequence. Some of the intros I’m going to show may not be very spectacular, but I’m still getting a kick out of watching these attempts at animation.

We’ll start off with Wolfchild. This 1992 platform game by Core Design features an intro with our bare-chested hero transforming into a werewolf-thingy in his secret lab on a pointy mountain. Scary! Also notice the influence of Japanese animation on the character design, which is unusual for a European game. Oh, and there’s a small bit of digitized speech in there as well. They really went out out of their way here.


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