Amiga Game Intros Vol. 4: Apidya (Kaiko, 1992)

The story behind Kaiko is kind of funny. They were a team of German developers who were really big fans of anything Japanese, especially console games. It shows in many little details – like having Japanese text on the back of the box of Gem’X (which was never released in Japan from what I know.) Or the upgrading system in Apidya that was taken from Gradius. Or the anime-style intro to the game, with an exceptionally ridiculous plot and a soundtrack by Chris Hülsbeck. For no reason at all, the evil wizard decides to “wreak havoc” on our hero Ikuro and his wife Yuri today. A swarm of mutated insects poison her and Ikuro is determined to find the antidote. The last sequence shows Ikuro transforming into a wasp, without any further explanation how and why. My favourite parts are his head slowly sliding into the frame when he observes his poisoned wife, and him shaking his fist and going like “GRRRRRRRR!!!!”. Good stuff. (Video after the jump)

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