Amiga Game Intros Vol. 6: Awesome (Reflections, 1990)

The intro for today is nothing special by itself. A bunch of space ships flying around and shooting each other, accompanied by some rather bland sound effects. Any kind of dramatic music is notably absent in this sequence, and I get really confused about what’s actually going on and who’s shooting who. However, what you’re seeing here is possibly the first ever raytraced intro to a video game. I did some research in the past and I couldn’t find any older game that had rendered videos in it, although there could be some obscure arcade game that I’m missing (if you have anything, let me know!) Of course, you have to start off somewhere when it comes to 3D animation, but I’ve always preferred some beautifully hand-crafted images and sparse animations to lifeless render sequences when it comes to introducing me to a game’s story. So kudos to Reflections for starting a wave of rendered intros (mainly on PC of course) in the early to mid 1990s with ugly 3D characters made up of primitives, drab lighting, shaders that all looked like plastic and stilted, wooden animation and cameras. To contrast this somewhat historically significant, yet boring intro, I’ll give you a real treat next time, so stay tuned! (Video after the jump)

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