My Very Subjective Favourite Amiga Game Tunes: Part I

I’d like to start a series of entries showcasing some of my favourite Amiga game tunes. Maybe you haven’t heard them in a long time or you might discover something new entirely, whatever the case, I hope you’ll like my very subjective selection of tunes. Enjoy!

  • I’ll kick this off with a track called Ecolove from the Dune soundtrack. What I like about this piece (and the whole soundtrack from the game actually) is the unusual use of instruments/samples for a game soundtrack at the time. It’s simply very fitting for the strange setting of the Dune world.[audio:Dune.mp3]
  • The next title is a little less relaxed: the title music of Zeewolf 2. I only used to have the demo version of this game, but I kept running it just for this song alone. The game is pretty good as well though.[audio:Zeewolf 2.mp3]
  • And the last track for today is the intro tune from Skeleton Krew. I found the game hardly playable thanks to the weird control scheme, however the soundtrack is really unusual, since it contains some dark hip hop beats. You didn’t get that kind of music in a game back in 1995 very often.[audio:Skeleton Krew.mp3]

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One Response to “My Very Subjective Favourite Amiga Game Tunes: Part I”

  1. Phil Says:

    chiptunes amlost! me likey! ;)

    a very nice selection you have there, all with some very interesting percussion-work going on very uncommon for their time.

    about Skeleton Krew: funny because the soundtrack almost sounds like bad controls :D

    my fav. here is Ecolove

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