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I was shopping this morning when I discovered de Blob (Wii) was already released and I bought it right on the spot. I saw a couple of gameplay videos about a year ago, but then I never heard from this game again until today. Back then I already decided that I had to give it a try. I’m not very far into the game yet, but it’s definitely one of the must-haves for Wii. The platform generally doesn’t have that many great third party games on it, so it’s nice to see another addition to the Nintendo machine’s library worth owning.

The game’s main character is a blob that can be rolled around Chroma City with the thumbstick. Your job is to re-colour the city, after the evil INKTs removed all the colour and enslaved the population. You can grab up some colour, and then just run along the walls, jumping from building to building to give everything you see a fresh splat of paint. Picking up colours in a certain order mixes them. Your goal is to earn enough points to unlock gates, progressing further into the (rather large) levels. However, you are under time pressure, as the clock is ticking down to zero – fulfilling missions within the levels will give you bonus time. Enemies are usually defeated by jumping on top of them.

Overall, the controls are the biggest gripe for me though. I’m beginning to hate the Wiimote. In de Blob, flicking down the Wiimote will make your character jump. That feels totally unnecessary, especially since it doesn’t work very well for me and is very tiring after a while. I wish they had included the option to map jumping to a button, especially since that’s  what you’re doing most of the time. But that’s pretty much the only negative point I can see about this game, aside from the camera that is a little confusing from time to time.

Technically, it’s top-notch. It looks like the environment textures have baked ambient occlusion on them which gives everything a very stylish touch, even when there’s no graffiti-paint all over the place. The game is running very smoothly, I haven’t encountered any framerate drops yet. There’s a cutscene between each level, explaining the story. The animation is excellent and it’s actually quite funny to watch, something to look forward to after finishing a level. The music consists entirely of jazzy funk tracks, which dynamically adjust the instruments playing while you paint in certain colours. But it’s not only that, the overall sound design is just of very high quality, like the nonsense speech spoken by the main characters.

It’s all these nice little touches which make de Blob a very polished looking game that also plays really well (except for the annoying Wii-gestures.) I think the best comparison would be to Jet Set Radio (Dreamcast), the games share a lot of similarities: from the exploration of urban settings and having a funky soundtrack to painting the walls while kicking the evil oppressor’s asses. Go and get it if you’re into stylish platform games and longing for some fresh material for your Wii.


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