My Very Subjective Favourite Amiga Game Tunes: Part II

I just realized November is almost over, and I’d like to keep my inofficial one-post-a-month-minimum policy, so you’re getting another part of my series of great Amiga game tunes. It’s not like there’s nothing else to write about, I’ll probably post some stuff I made during my internship (which will be over soon) here. So stay tuned, as always.

  • The catchy melody got me on this one. I haven’t really played Lost Patrol, it didn’t appeal to me as a game. But the intro tune is very memorable in my opinion.
[audio:Lost patrol.mp3]
  • Another classic tune that has to be on every “favourites”-list: the title music of Battle Squadron. The prequel, Hybris, had a pretty standard (though very good I must say) chiptune soundtrack, whereas Battle Squadron really shows “Hey, it’s 1989 and we’ll just throw in some more samples to use up that precious disk space.” But you certainly can’t argue with that badass voice – WELCOME TO BATTLE SQUADRON!
[audio:Battle Squadron.mp3]
  • The last track for today is from Space Hulk. I find this track to be rather spooky over large strechtes of time, and it perfectly sets the mood for the game.
[audio:Space Hulk.mp3]

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