Steampunk Was Real.

While doing some research for my thesis, I stumbled upon these amazing “automatons.” Automatons are basically mechanical robots with two of the most famous examples being The Turk and Vaucanson’s duck. The Golden Age of automatons was the second half of the 19th century, the ones shown here however were created by a Swiss watchmaker by the name of Pierre Jaquet-Droz around the year 1770 and finished in 1774.

The writer automaton has a sort of “memory” in the shape of cams that store the movements required to write a letter. A special wheel is used as the “program,” it tells the writer in what order it has to put the letters onto the paper. By reconfiguring the wheel, any message up to 40 characters in length can be written. It, along with the draftsman, are amazing pieces of engineering. It makes books like The Difference Engine seem a lot more plausible, really.


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  1. tomson Says:

    wow! it’s probably one of the view robots still working in a biblical age….

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