Games to get

Here’s a list of games I’m planning to get this year, in no particular order.

  • Smash Bros Brawl (Wii) – I’ve never really played a SB game. (Insert rant about the as of yet unpublished European release date here)
  • Mario Kart Wii (err, Wii) – I’ve never really played a MK game. (ducks)
  • No More Heroes (Wii) – The reviews I read were not very favourable. I really liked Killer 7 (although I never even got to the 2nd disc) though, so I feel like supporting the developers.
  • Odin Sphere (PS2) – I’m not entirely sure what kind of game it is anyway. It’s just another case where I want to buy a game just to support the developers, see above. This time because it’s all 2D.
  • flOw (PS3) -I was highly addicted to the Flash version. It seriously is one of the main reasons for me to get a PS3 someday, along with that other downloadable game. You know, the shmup with the guitar sounds? Can’t remember the title.
  • Spore (PC) – I’m not sure if it’s going to be a fun game. I hear people talk about it being overhyped. This may very well be. I still want to have it.
  • Lost Odyssey (X360) – RPGs are everything but my favourite genre, but I doubt I can resist a game requiring four DVDs for very long, that’s massive.
  • GTA IV (X360) – You know, I’m not such a big fan of all the crime and violence portrayed in the GTA games. But what I really liked about the previous installments was the free-roam aspect. I’d just like to have a game where I can cruise around the town and country, possibly obeying traffic laws. Yes, I am a very boring person. However, I’m not alone on this, as evidenced in a recent Kotaku article I can’t find anymore right now.
  • Raiden IV (X360) – Well, shmups are my favourite genre. I hope this is going to be released in Europe, because I doubt I’ll be buying an Asian Xbox just for one game.
  • 1942: Joint Strike (X360) – It’s a shmup. Also, I really liked the original 1942, despite being a very repetitive arcade game. There was a time when I was having a highscore battle with a friend of mine and we were pushing each other to achieve a new score each time. It’s a very manly honour thing. I still should have the screenshot with my highscore around somewhere on the net, can’t find it right now though. It was only somewhere between 200,000 and 300,000 though.

I’m pretty sure there are more games I’d like to get, I might add them later.


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