Tracking your Euro notes

Yesterday I got my 6th hit at Eurobilltracker. This is a website dedicated to tracking the paths Euro bills take around the world (derived from the US-counterpart Where is George?.) It works simply by entering the serial number of the note into the online database. Once somebody else receives your bill and enters it, you’ve got yourself a hit. The website generates a lot of statistics (did I mention that I’m a huge fan of statistics, graphs and tables yet?) and maps showing you the distance your note traveled and the amount of time it took. It’s a really fun waste of time, and a very satisfying feeling once you actually do get a hit (which will take its time at first.)

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2 Responses to “Tracking your Euro notes”

  1. Uwe Höck Says:

    …you really enjoy statistix, do ya? ;)

  2. robotriot Says:

    I can hardly imagine anything even remotely MORE exciting than statistics :D

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